As many are aware, for an idea or a project to succeed requires several things occurring in a timely and sequential fashion. The NBCC is the result of one of those initiatives where the important factors did fall into place at the right time, in the right sequence.

Sometimes, something magical happens and this is one of these times…


A group of British automotive faithful gathered together at Sue Love’s house for the inaugural get-together to discuss the possibility of a British car club in the Niagara Peninsula. ‘The Group’ included Sue; Rick Robbs(and two sons); Ian Young; George Whitby; Al Monroe; Tom Haines and Ken Body. The group had the audacity to believe that there was such a need!

Shortly thereafter a meeting was held at Sweeney Todds, a local watering hole in St. Catharines, and these are the notes of the original British Car Club of Niagara: