Tech Tips: Winterizing
How to store your classic for the winter Gas and Engine                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Keep the fuel system protected by adding a container of fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and also filling the tank completely with ethanol free premium gas. Once the stabilized fuel has been added, take the car around the block a few times, to let it work through the system. Do this just before you store that Oil and Engine                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Change the filter as well as the oil itself, and be certain that you choose an oil that contains ZDDP and offers corrosion protection like Kendal GT1. Battery Charger Keep the battery from dying over the winter by hooking up a tricle charger like Battery Tender. Tires             For best results through winter, store your car on jacks. Stack the tires in a corner and place cardboard between each one and cover. Paint and body     Protect your paint by thoroughly washing, drying, and waxing your car. As well, wash and dry any of the vinyl, leather, or rubber inside the car, and consider coating the seats and armrests with preservative to prevent cracking if you live in a cold, dry climate. Rust inhibitor can be applied to any unpainted metal surfaces, as well. Furry Stowaways To keep small furry animals from turning your car into their castle, stash mothballs inside the car and under the dashboard, and make sure you cover the tailpipe as well. Insurance Make sure your car is adequately insured. There are discounts for low-use, low-mileage vehicles that will help offset any premiums charged because the car is a classic and has extra value. Consult your insurance agent for the best plan, and if your car is over fifteen years old, be sure to ask about special collector policies. Clutch Put something heavy on the clutch pedal and keep it down. Over the winter the clutch plates can stick together. Cooling System Drain the cooling system completely and leave the petcock open and the radiator cap off so air can circulate. Disconnect the heater hoses and drain the heater too. Cover  Before you encase your classic in its winter cocoon, the last things to do are:        Roll down your windows to allow for circulation Place opened boxes of baking soda in various places to absorb moisture Put a plastic bag over the carburetor to keep moisture out Stuff an old rag up the tailpipe to keep vermin out. Before you encase your classic in its winter cocoon, the last things to do are:Cover the car with a breathable cloth cover - not plastic, as the latter will only trap any condensation and  encourage rust. Also, if your vehicle is a convertible, make sure you store it with the top up. This adds protection for the inside of the car, as well as preventing the soft top from shrinking
MG T Series in an enclosed storage bag.
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